A life ruled by anxiety.

A love gone wrong.

A chance to make a change.

Twenty-four-year-old Brenna is plagued by social anxiety and general anxiety disorder. She spends her days avoiding people and confrontation, and while her reclusive lifestyle does offer some safety and comfort, it also lacks meaningful connection to the outside world. But then the outside world comes barging in—in the form of her estranged husband, Ryan, whom she hasn’t seen or talked to in over a year.

When Ryan asks if Brenna would be willing to give their marriage another shot, she finds her familiar, sheltered life uprooted in unexpected ways. Although hopeful for what could be, Brenna suffers from the crippling guilt of her past mistakes with Ryan—and it turns out Ryan has some secrets of his own. As they navigate through the challenges of healing a rocky relationship, Brenna has to decide if she’s strong enough to risk everything for a second chance at happiness.

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