Puppy love

Recently Trey and I decided that our lives just aren’t quite chaotic enough, so we got a puppy! Actually, we’re loving the extra chaos (for the most part) as we adjust to life with our little border collie, Rooster. We’ve had him for a little over two weeks now, and we’re still getting to know him and his little quirks–like the way he bolts across the room and hurls himself into my lap any time I’m on the floor. It’s super cute right now while he’s about 7 pounds, but I’m worried that if he keeps it up much longer, he’s going to end up giving me a nosebleed.

So, yeah, we have some training to do. But that’s part of the reason we picked a border collie–they’re supposed to be very intelligent and trainable with LOTS of energy. Since Perrin gives me a grumpy-tween face any time I mention the possibility of team sports to him, I figured he at least needs a dog who will get him out and about each day.

One thing I’ve learned though: our family is not so great with communication. There are mornings I’ve gotten up and fed Rooster breakfast, only to find Trey feeding him breakfast again about an hour later. Then one of the kids will wake up and see Rooster’s sad puppy eyes looking up imploringly, and they’ll think “Poor little guy must be so hungry!” So the end result is that our puppy is eating like a hobbit: breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, dinner, supper… you get the idea. I really don’t want a 1200-pound border collie, so I’m going to have to figure out a system and get everyone on board.

And then there’s the cat. She spent the first couple of days growling and hissing at him. Poor Rooster had probably never met another living creature that didn’t love him! He kept wanting to play with her, and she just wasn’t having any of his nonsense. But the last week or so has been better. She even rubbed up against him one day! I think his whole little body was quivering with excitement.

And of course we’re working on potty training, leash training, and teaching him that we are not his personal chew toys. All part of the fun of having a new pup. But even though we have some “ruff” moments now and then (ha ha), he really is a sweet, smart, lovable little guy.

Just look at the cuteness!!

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